Monday, January 16, 2012

Vintage Turquoise Aqua Teal

Earrings - Tiffany Blue          
Earrings - Tiffany Blue
Aqua Blue Wedding Flower Necklace
 From cymbaline84               
Aqua Blue Wedding Flower Necklace. From cymbaline84
Bright Aqua Blue Vintage         
Bright Aqua Blue Vintage
Lilac and Aqua Blue Bridal       
Lilac and Aqua Blue Bridal
Traditional Drawn Aqua Blue      
Traditional Drawn Aqua Blue
La Villa Vista Wedding           
La Villa Vista Wedding
vintage  49 ; wedding  16        
vintage  49 ; wedding  16
White and Light Aqua Shabby      
White and Light Aqua Shabby
Vintage Turquoise Aqua Teal      
Vintage Turquoise Aqua Teal

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